Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

I must as I was a bit skeptical when it was suggested that I try a robot vac. But I checked out this web site and bought one floorready for the robot vacuum cleaner. After reading the reviews I went for the Roomba 770 model, not cheap, but based on the reviews, this seemed like a wise choice.

Well I had to see it in action, so after unpacking and charging it up, I sat back and watched its maiden journey. It worked.

Artificial Intelligence

It seems to me it must have a little brain, There are things you can do to help it and you can create virtual walls. These are boundaries that you don’t want it to cross. A light on top of the little robot comes on when the bin is full and you have to empty it before continuing. Emptying the bin is easy and mess free.

What amazed me is how, after zig-zaging around all the bedrooms, it managed to find its way back to the charging unit, when its battery power was running low.


This is what it’s all about. After all clever software is one thing but its main task is to clean floors. And I’ve been impressed, they really do work. And better still you can program it to clean when your our of the house. But if you leave floors cluttered with junk then don’t expect it to tidy up as well. You need to leave the floors tidy just as you would if you were going to vacuum.


My plan to do a full manual hoover once a month, I think this will complement the robo vac very well. Obviously, the robo is a floor cleaner so it can’t clean chairs and mattresses – that’s my job.

So are they good enough to replace my trusty upright vacuum cleaner, I’d say “yes”. The good ones are not cheap but if they work, and they do, it’s cheaper than employing a domestic cleaner.

This site goes into more details