Kettles with temperature control

Christmas is Coming

As the festive season approaches most people are on the lookout for that special gift. It gets harder and harder, with each passing year. But we think we found something that’s quite special.

Although not new, they haven’t been around too long either, making them a quite sort after gift which we think they will have great appeal. Where referring to a kettle.

I think I can see the the disappointment on you’re faces already. The big build up and then announcing just an ordinary kettle. But this is not an ordinary kettle, let me explain.

A rather special Kettle

This is a variable temperature kettle. They’re quite modern too so they look good as well. So what does a variable temperature kettle do that’s so special?

It will heat water to any temperature you want from hot to very hot to boiling. And what’s more it will keep our at the temperature for 30 minutes or so, depending upon the model. Some the water at the set temperature for hours.

With the advent of the modern tap that can produce instant, near boiling water and cold filtered drinking water from the one device. The humble kettle’s days were numbered.

But the kettle has been reinvented as the variable temperature kettle and that gives it a new lease of life as well as a completely new function.

Tea Lovers

This kettle comes into its own for all tea lovers. We’re talking about those green teas and fruit trees that are so popular now. Using boiling water is not recommended for brewing these delicate teas. You need a water temperature in the range of 80 to 95 degrees centigrade. And the variable temperature kettle does this with aplomb.

Coffee Drinkers

The same goes for coffee, instant coffee. These too should be made with hot and not boiling water and the difference is in the taste. The coffee thus produced is a lot smoother and easier to drink.

Formula Milk

Those of us with small children or babies have an additional task of heating up formula milk. You can put the milk on a saucepan, the old fashioned way and gently warn the milk, put the milk in the microwave and guess the best setting to warn the milk.

But how much better to have water at a known temperature and just rest the milk bottles in a bowl for a few minutes allowing the milk to gently warm up to the right temperature.

Heating up milk