Eight Person Tent

people and dogsThe Average American Family

With the average American family between four and five. Plus two dogs. As ours is. You need a big tent to go camping in. We have an 8 person tent like the ones here best 8 person tent

Our three children are all grown up now, the youngest being 13. But even when they were very young we still bought a big tent as we were well aware that families grow and get bigger. And we wanted our tent to last at least ten years or so.

large family tentA wise Investment

And because we invested well the tent has stood the test of time. Some parts had worn but these were easily replaced or repaired.

As and when our children moved out then well downsize the tent but we still expect a few more years yet from it.

Putting Up/Taking down

Bigger tents need two people to set up. They can be a bit tricky at times but it gets easy each year. And now we can do it almost with our eyes shut.

More tricky can be taking them down. Again, this gets easier the more you do it. But it can be quite fiddly getting it all packed away neatly ready for the next trip.

tent looking outWhat to look for in a new Tent

Always look for a tent with a zippable groundsheet. This will prevent water and insects getting in and keep your tent dry. The also come with flappable seals to keep driven rain out as well.

Bigger tents come with double skins and are designed to breathe. When five people are sleeping in a tent there’s a lot of moisture in their breath you want this extracted. Good tents material will breathable letting moisture pass out but preventing water getting in.

Our tent had zipable rooms which means we can all have some privacy at night. We also have a porch, very useful for shedding wet gear and not leaving it outside and not putting it in the main tent.

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