Designing with an 88 Key Keyboards in Mind

Good Design

coordinated living room

In any house, the interior is what makes or breaks it. Although very personal and we all have different tastes. One of the key elements to good design is a sense of cohesion.

The aim is to bring a theme into the design that runs through each room, that visually and texturally makes sense and feels natural, almost effortlessly.

Here, I want to discuss design features that act as focal points in a room and how to stage them. But a center piece can be the starting point and the rest of the room is designed around it.

The Piano as a center piece

baby grand pianoLet’s start with a piano. A piano is an iconic instrument and completely transforms the room. It becomes the focal point. Most pianos come in either black or white, in a high gloss finish and if your designing your room from scratch, you would factor in the color and add additional elements to complement the main color in the room – which would be the piano.

Not everyone has room for a grand piano, so an alternative is a baby grand piano, which is still big and majestic. But a lot of the time, any piano would be too big and take up too much room. In these cases an electric piano will do. Nowadays they’re very well made but compact. You can find a good selection here Ulimate 88 key keyboard piano

A Sculpture as a center piece

A different approach is to purchase a sculpture. As you can imagine the variety is enormous and they range in size, shape and color. This is a very personal statement but as well a fulfilling a design element, you can also make it personal.

There are a few things to watch for. Obviously a room that’s heavily utilized is probably not the best place for a statue. The setting wants to be tranquil and restful. A library or a study would be ideal.

Sculptures can be classical, modern, European, African, Asian. Made from marble, stone, bronze. There’s a plethora of elements involved here and it’s all down to personal taste.

My preference, if I may be so bold, is African sculpture. It’s so unique and captures the sun and the spirit of Africa. This is our go to site for Shona Sculpture ????

shona sculpture

Bring it all together

But above all, you have to integrate the center piece of the room into the rest of the room. By coordinating other elements into the whole you’ll get a balanced and visually pleasing effect.

When do know when the room is right? Well, it will feel right. You won’t need to add any additional elements. Then the room is finished.